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In A Last Ditch Effort To Keep The Bears In Chicago, The City Has Released A Sizzle Video Of A "Reimagined Soldier Field" And It Looks AWESOME

Good Morning, Chicago. On the last day of an absolutely miserable season, the City of Chicago has dropped a SPECTACULAR hype video for a futuristic Soldier Field. A voice-over that is so football that I swear he is a descendant of John Facenda. The "reimagined Soldier Field is complete with things like...being able to leave the venue in under 3 hours and taking a piss. I have been a STRONG advocate for the Bears move to Arlington for a number of reasons. The number 1 reason is that Soldier Field sucks as a venue. 

This Sim City venue though...it looks awesome. Great train station for metra and CTA. That's nice. The enclosed concourse complete with the famous pillars...wonderful idea. They referenced "fan amenities" which I assume is...bathrooms and concessions that is worse than prison food. 

This vision is so perfect that it is just a god damn shame that the City waited this long. It's a shame that they didn't do this 23 years ago. It's a shame that it is probably too late because the Halas family, rightfully, has dollar signs in their eyes as they have a path to owning their own stadium for the first time ever. Soldier Field is in such a cool location. I wish there was a way for this to happen so everyone wins, but that feels impossible.

Given that this is Chicago, I also have some doubt that the city could even pull off such an incredible infrastructure project within the 21 century. Credit to them and this developer for putting together an incredible little digital highlight video. If the Arlington group wants to steal this exact idea, that'd be a good start.