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Numerous Grade-School Students In Cincinnati Are Making Get-Well Cards For Damar Hamlin Thanks To Sarah Taylor, Wife Of Bengals HC Zac Taylor

If you don't have at least some sort of water works going in your eyeballs upon initially seeing this and/or letting the sentiment of it truly wash over you, I'd be surprised. In any event, this is among the most moving, heartwarming developments to emerge from the tragic situation involving Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

Sure seems like all the well wishes, prayers and positive energy sent Hamlin's way did some real good, because speaking of heartwarming developments...

To circle back to the topic of this blog, I wanted to highlight Sarah Taylor's efforts to get "approximately 40 schools" in the Cincinnati area to create these cards for Hamlin. Now all indications are he'll be able to read every single one of them. Here's more from the ESPN.com story:

"Sarah Taylor is leading the charge of grade-school students in Cincinnati who are writing get-well cards for the Bills safety, who remains hospitalized at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

"[…] The effort for the Hamlin letters originated out of Cardinal Pacelli, the Catholic school where Taylor's four children attend. Terri Cento, the school principal, said the efforts from the Taylors and those around the area is not a surprise. 

"'The city of Cincinnati really does rally around problems and things that happen, and this is just one example of how this tragic event happened, but so much positivity has come from it,' Cento told ESPN."

I feel for the kid who wrote "Hamlim family". I think we all know the youngster's heart was in the right place. I can directly relate because of the time I tried to be a little entrepreneur and stuffed mailboxes encouraging folks to hire me for my fledgling "RACKING LEAVES" business. Didn't get a single call. At least in this case, the sentiment toward Hamlin and his loved ones won't be lost whatsoever.

What's awesome about that card, too, is how the kid wrote across the bottom, "I couldn't draw the Bills logo." That type of brutal honesty leads to all sorts of hilarity amid the throes of youth, and the maturity to recognize one's strengths shows this grade-schooler is wise beyond his or her years.

Anyway, good on Sarah Taylor for taking the initiative to do something this kind, and for all the Cincinnati-area schools who joined in. Amazing news on Damar Hamlin all around. Here's a deeper update on him from Clem that went up earlier this morning: