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I Can't Get Enough Of This San Francisco Fan Going Absolutely Bonkers Last Night

Rasir Bolton's tip in with 7 seconds left sealed a win for Gonzaga over San Francisco and unless you stayed up to watch the game til 1am like a savage (like myself) you don't really care and I can't blame you for that. I'm convinced watching 60000 basketball games a year, and multiple games at once is a reason why I have headaches. There's many other reasons but that's for sure one of them. So if you shut it down early and went to bed instead of watching a WCC regular season game in January you are a smarter person than I am. 

However, the game recap isn't why I'm writing this as someone off the court stole the show and even a casual sports fan should enjoy this clip. 

Get a load of the guy in the green shirt sitting courtside 

Just going absolutely bonkers on the refs, and then the Gonzaga players. BONKERS like 3 feet from Drew Timme's face. 

Again, this is a regular season game in January and it's San Francisco.

This is why college basketball is the best. Fans like this are 100% true to every action, reaction and emotion they express regarding their team. None of this is for show. These people are superfans through and through. They have season tickets, they read every message board, they buy the merch etc. Legends. And this San Francisco diehard is not the only one. There's maniacs like this across the country. St.Bonaventure, Citadel, Doogs with Dayton etc. College Basketball maniacs all over the world. Love it. 

Also major shoutout to the guy at the end in the black shirt telling him "Hey pal I know you probably donate a lot of money as an alum, but you can't scream bullshit in Drew Timme's face." Laughable scene/interaction. 

Final thought ... he screams at the refs, he screams at Gonzaga ... but the real issue here was San Francisco didn't do one thing that could have stopped Bolton's basket....

BOX OUT !!!!!

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