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Ernie Johnson Turning Into An Angry Dad As Charles Barkley Kept Swearing Is Why 'Inside The NBA' Will Always Be The Best Show On TV

Gosh dang, this is the moment it hit me. This is the moment that I realized I truly sound like an angry dad after hearing Ernie Johnson make the same noises I do when one of my idiot sons piss me off. Just a constant 'HEY!' It's the universal dad sound for someone doing something wrong. You can't really bother to say the correct name. You can't really come up with a full sentence. You just know that a person is doing something that you don't want them to. 

But this sums up Inside the NBA and why it's the best sports show on television. Everything about this clip is pure, genuine and who they are. It's why it works. Chuck going on about being an asshole, Ernie trying everything to keep the show on the rails, Shaq making fun of Chuck. I love it. I want them to be on a show about anything. Have them breakdown tennis for all I care. 

Finally, I need to know why Ernie cared so much about asshole vs jackass. Chuck even apologized! He said he meant to say jackass. So why is that allowed? Part of me wants them to be uncensored on the show but it's almost funnier to watch them navigate trying not to swear and then Ernie with the full on HEY, HEY, STOP THAT! 

Best show on TV and it ain't close.