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Texas Officially Fires Head Coach Chris Beard After Being Arrested On A Felony Assault Charge

[Source] - Texas has fired basketball coach Chris Beard, the program announced Thursday, nearly a month after he was arrested on a third-degree felony assault charge for allegedly strangling, biting and assaulting his fiancée in their home.

There it is. This felt inevitable after this report came out: 

Charges haven't been dropped and everything is still going on. Texas really had no decision here. You can't keep Beard on interim leave during this sort of charge. It's still one of the more crazy stories I can remember. Beard was the 'it' coach at Texas Tech before taking the Texas job. Now he's fired and there's no way he can coach again after this report. It's also worth noting he was fired for cause. 

As for Texas? Rodney Terry will remain interim head coach for the rest of the season and then they'll go on the job hunt again. They just built a new arena. They have a good team. There's obviously plenty of money, it's a good job so there will be a bigger name that they land. 

This is also worth nothing for details: 

As of Thursday, the felony charge against Beard has not been dropped by the local District Attorney's Office in Austin Texas. Beard has an emergency protective order active against him until at least Feb. 10, 2023. The order precludes him from being within 200 yards of his home and fiancée.

Beard's next court date is scheduled for Jan. 18.

So we'll see what happens from a legal standpoint, but Texas had to fire Beard here.