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The New Rivalry: Agata Isabella Centasso Is Challenging Ana Maria Markovic For The Title Of 'Most Beautiful Soccer Player In The World'

Here I was scrolling Twitter looking for some content when this tweet caught my attention. Why? Well, first the picture and second, the tweet itself. Most beautiful soccer player in the world? Wait a minute. Someone was already crowned that: 

Now I'm all for rivalries. I'm all for competition. But we need to make a determination here. There can only be one most beautiful soccer player in the world. This isn't a participation trophy but you can't have two most beautiful. My mind can't make it up, so I figure what better spot to put the tale of the tape than on a blog. Pageviews, baby. 

Agata Isabella Centasso - Italian, plays for Venezia in Serie B. Wears number 90 (awful number)

Ana Maria Markovic - Croatian, plays for Grasshopper in Sweden, wears number 7 (decent number)

Now pretend it's Barstool circa 2010 with the stars and 1 is Agata, 10 is Ana. A true rivalry.