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Every Hockey Parent Knows The Quickest Way To Get Your Kid To The NHL Is To Get Into A Bunch Of Altercations At Their Youth Games

Just think about all the greats who have come through the game. You think Bobby becomes the best defenseman to ever lace them up if Mr. Orr wasn't telling every dad from the other team to blow him during games? You think Mario has the career he had if Mr. Lemieux wasn't berating a bunch of 13-year-old refs every Saturday morning for missing an offsides call? You think that Wayne becomes the Great One if Mr. Gretzky wasn't walking out of every rink in Ontario with a bloody nose?

Heck no. 

You want your kid to be great? You want to spend all that money and time and travel on youth hockey for your kid to one day suit up in the NHL? Well it's pretty simple, then. All you have to do is be the biggest asshole in every barn you step in. Or at least that's what you have to keep telling yourself as you're getting escorted out of the rink. 

Sidenote: Still, for my money, the greatest hockey dad freakout ever caught on camera.