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Son Of El Chapo Captured In Mexico, Now The City Is Under Attack By The Cartel To Free Him

HUGE news out of Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico as the son of former Sinaloa cartel leader El Chapo Guzman has been recaptured by Mexican military. 

The problem is as customary when a large cartel leader is arrested, the cartel take to the streets and commit atrocities to force that hand of the government and make them release him. This has happened before with El Raton, aka Ovidio Guzman Lopez. The mission by the security forces of the cartel is to make it clear that they own the city and you must release our man or more and more bloodshed will continue. 

Let me explain the current disputes that the Sinaloa Cartel has faced since the arrest of El Chapo. The truth is there's never been a true leader of the cartel. They have never had a distinct person at the top and with no united front at the helm and it has allowed other cartels to extend and do more. The two factions that are at the top of Sinaloa are Los Chapitos (the 3 sons of Chapo) and a group that is a loyal to Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, a long time Sinaloa Leader who has been selling drugs in Mexico since the 70's. Los Chapitos believe that El Mayo didn't do enough to prevent the arrest of El Chapo. Mayo's son also testified in the trial of Chapo. There has been plenty of speculation over the years that El Mayo is a CIA/DEA asset. Keep in mind in his 50 year career, he has never been arrested or in prison. 

So now there is a "civil war" if you will in the cartel and this also happens as the Mexican military continue to attempt to arrest Los Chapitos. In 2019, the military stormed the home of Ovidio Guzman Lopez and attempted to arrest him. 

This would lead to a battle where sicarios and cartel members attempted to take the city over and the security convoys of the cartel surrounded the home. 700 other members stormed the city committing shootings, kidnappings of soldiers for leverage, arson etc even attempting to shutdown the airport to prevent the capture going through. 

In the above video, Ovidio contacts his brother that he "doesn't want any violence" and to tell the convoy to "stand down." He also tells his brother that the lawyer will "get him out" to which his brother Ivan responds... "fuck that, we're going to get you out."

It worked, as Ovidio was released hours later and subsequently people involved directly with the capture were assassinated

Now he's been captured again as of this morning and the violence has started around the city .