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Rolling Stone Released A List Of Their 200 Greatest Singers And There Was One MAJOR Omission

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CNN — Near, far, wherever you are, there’s anger over Celine Dion not being included on Rolling Stone’s list of the 200 greatest singers of all time.

Published on New Year’s Day, the list ranges from Aretha Franklin to Rosalía and other artists known for standout singing.

But some on social media are calling out what they consider to be a Titanic mistake - Dion’s absence on the list.

Ranking anything is super difficult, hence why it took me three years to release part 2 of my Saved By The Bell episodes rankings, so I have mercy for Rolling Stone trying to rank signers in general, let alone 200 greatest especially in a genre that is super subjective like Music. No one will ever agree fully with art. It's impossible. Some people can say they like an artist, some will hate them. Same with songs, albums etc. It's literally impossible for everyone to agree someone is good, or a song is good. Impossible.

But … with that said there is a large group of people who will agree you can certainly get people on a list that a large majority of people will say … ok that makes sense. Like if you were listing out the best movies of all time and didn't have Shawshank Redemption on the list I think a lot of people would say you lost credibility. By the same rationale, if you put The Godfather in the top 10 people will likely be fine with it at any number. Some will nitpick if it should be 1st, or 3rd etc, but no one will be outraged it was in the top 10. 

Rolling Stone is catching major shit for not listing Celine Dion on their list. It's hard to justify not putting her on the list, but I still think she's the 2nd biggest omission (more on that later.) 

Having grown up in the 90's, Celine was iconic. I mean she had bangers. Arguably the most famous song in 3 decades in the Titanic theme, wedding songs , power ballads, you couldn't turn on a radio and not hear her. Impossible. 

Just look at this body of work … 

 She's so good she can really do anything … even when she's essentially just messing around on talk shows. I mean this is impressive to do on the drop of a dime. 

Iconic. Hard to argue she should at least be on that list. Almost like the people at Rolling Stone did it intentionally to gain buzz around the list and have people talking about the controversy. You can't possibly think she shouldn't be on the list. 200 singers better than her is hard to believe. Very hard. 

However, while Celine gained respect because she built up a collection of hit records and singles. One artist needed just one song to show the world she was a songbird of our generation … 

Hit the music. 

That's right .. Rebecca Black changed music forever when she released maybe the best song in the last 100 years and Rolling Stone should be ashamed of themselves for not showing respect to an absolute star ! I will never be picking up another issues of that magazine until this situation is rectified. I will however keep blaring Friday every day in support of Rebecca Black.