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Decent Day For TCU - Athletic Director Makes Darren Rovell Look Like An Idiot (Again), Hoops Team Wins Ridiculous Game At Baylor

I'm a big fan of Jeremiah Donati, the Athletic Director at TCU. 1) He's a big Barstool fan. 2) He is very active on Twitter and will go at people. 3) He dunked all over Darren Rovell. I know it's easy to do, but he could have ignored it or something like that. Nope, he quote tweets Rovell and just lets him know he was duped again. The last line of feel free to contact me in the future was so passive aggressive that I had to applaud. It's so condescending, so office speak that it's perfect. 

Also, who gives a fuck Darren? I don't know why you even tweet something out like this and not just wait until the game actually happen. No one cares. I promise no one cares. I know, I shouldn't get riled up about Rovell doing something like this, but I only saw it because of Donati. 

But this is about TCU as a whole. I gotta get back on track here. They had a hell of a day. Started with that. Ended with their hoops team going to Baylor, coming back from 17 down and winning a ridiculous game. Legit might have been the best game of the season so far. 

Not only down 17. They were down 4 late. Mike Miles drills a 3. They get a stop and then Chuck O'Bannon does this

Oh then you had this block to save the game by Xavier Cork

That's how you know it's an awesome game. Baylor made the perfect play. Threw a halfcourt pass, called timeout and set this up. Keyonte George gets a free looks to get to the rim before Cork makes that ridiculous block. Just an unreal defensive play. Now TCU is back to 13-1 with the one loss being to Northwestern State. Yep, that team. They are starting to figure it out, get guys healthy and you have a star in Mike Miles to go with Eddie Lampkin, O'Bannon, etc. 

Decent day indeed for Ft. Worth.