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Tom Izzo Is Prepping For This Weekend's Game Against Michigan By Making Lame Tunnel Jokes, Obviously

This is lame. We all can agree on that right? Well, everyone except Michigan State fans because they will blindly defend Tom Izzo no matter what. But we're still making separate tunnel jokes? It's not even relevant anymore! That said, Tom has been talking about the tunnel incident and defending Michigan State since it happened: 


You gotta drop it man. Michigan State players were the one in the wrong here. Just accept it and move on. You can't keep making tunnel comments and jokes as the season goes on. Things get old. Mix it up. Find a new joke. Make fun of Hunter Dickinson or something. Make a Juwan joke. Gotta go with anything different than the tunnel joke. 

Not to mention, this is a huge game. Obviously a rivalry game, but both teams need a win. Michigan seems to be getting right after beating Maryland and Penn State, but both were at home. Michigan State won 5 in a row but the only decent win is at Penn State. More importantly with the Big 10 pretty open this year - Michigan is currently tied with Wisconsin at 3-0 - a win goes a long way in that. 

I'm all for shit talking. I'm all for rivalries. But you gotta mix up the jokes from time to time.