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The Hornets Executed One Of The Most Egregious Acts Of Quitting The NBA Has Ever Seen

I mean they weren't even in the fourth quarter yet! Even Ja Morant was looking up the court like, "Are these guys fucking serious right now?" I'm a Cleveland fan so I have seen teams have plenty of bad games, but I have never in my life seen a professional basketball team IN THE THIRD QUARTER look at the score and go...

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THIS LEAGUE. The NBA is home to load management, relentless flopping, and now full blown quitting. But I am going to be fair and try to see their perspective on this one for a moment. 

It's so crazy it almost makes sense. LaMelo Ball and Terry Rozier were a combined 9-34 from the field. Even worse they were a combined -39 while on the floor. And if things are going that bad on the floor you should try to get off the floor as quickly as possible. The only way to ensure that is to pull a move so wild that Steve Clifford's head might literally turn big and red.

Everyone else can pick up the remote and change the channel when you are getting your ass kicked but these guys obviously can't. So instead of changing the channel, they did what equates to a real life fast forward. The 8 second clock and shot clock don't start until someone touches the ball. So they said fuck it, we're not going to make Ja Morant touch the ball. I'm starting to see the genius behind this.

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I think more people should quit things that aren't going well. Mowing the lawn and you run out of gas? Quit. Let that shit grow. Store doesn't have the shoes you want in your size? Quit wearing shoes and go barefoot in your suit like a vagrant. Professional basketball team you paid hundreds of dollars to go see decides not to try with well over a quarter left in the game? Quit supporting those bums.

I've seen some wild shit in high school basketball games where there is no shot clock but this might take the cake. Ball is making $8.6 Million and couldn't even be bothered to come back to guard Morant. So Rozier, who is making $21.5 Million this season, figures his salary is enough to go back and guard Morant but not quite enough to put any hustle behind the effort. 

Bravo for making a complete mockery of yourselves and your team. 

Also, a very special double fuck you because their dog shit effort made it so Steven Adams sat the entire fourth quarter and fell 2 shy of his combined total over. Then again why would those guys care about my $50? They make millions and still obviously don't give a shit.