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Uhh, Here's A New One: Texas A&M Started Its Game Against Florida Down 1-0 Because They Left Their Jerseys At The Team Hotel

Okay so here's the story. A&M started the game down 1-0, because they received a technical foul because of this: 

I know we like to make fun of A&M for being a cult, Jimbo Fisher, massively underachieving. But how the hell do you forget your jerseys? That's literally the first thing you should check. It's the basketball version of patting your pockets and going 'phone, keys, wallet.' That simple. 

Do you have your jerseys?

If the answer is yes, go to the arena.

If the answer is no, go tell the manager or whoever is in charge to go get them before the bus leaves. 

Nothing like seeing 1-0 before you get on the court to start the game. They at least got a 6-0 run to start. But man, for a team that had expectations, underachieved big time in the nonconference, forgetting your jerseys at the team hotel is as low as it gets. And yes we all should be cheering for them to lose by 1.