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I've Found The Only Instagram Account Worth Following

This instagram account absolutely rules. After watching a few videos, I can confidently say, the rope dart is the most badass martial arts weapon around. Nail your enemy in the face from 10 feet away with a heavy, razor sharp dart. Want to throw a chair at your opponent, but the chair is on the other side of the room? Not a problem with the rope dart. Reel that chair in from a distance and hurl it at your would-be adversary. 

I've seen characters using this weapon in martial arts movies, and while it looked incredibly cool, it also looked impractical as hell. This guy, Instructor Bensei, has changed my mind. Instructor Bensei gets surgical on these ice blocks with the rope dart. His hand eye coordination is insane. There is a 100% chance I would attempt twirl this thing around and remove one of my eyes. 

It looks like you can easily keep that mother fucking thang on you too. Is that a rope dart in your pocket? Why actually yes, it is. No one is picking a fight with a guy with a rope dart in their pocket. Not because it's a deadly weapon, but mainly because it would look like you're walking around with a raging boner, and no one wants to pick a fight with a guy who has a massive erection. 

Maybe this weapon of the past isn't the weapon of the future, but watching this guy fling around a rope dart on instagram is how social media should be used. Give Instructor Bensei a follow for a timeline cleanser.