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Hot Start For Ronaldo: Has No Idea What Country His New Club Is In, Banned From His First Match

What a start for Ronaldo. Not that he gives a shit, he's getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars to be a poster boy for Saudi Arabia, which isn't South Africa. It's not even close outside of two countries that both are two words and start with S and A. That's really it. That's the only similarity. That and neither country has decent soccer. Again, hundreds of millions of dollars though. 

I know it's just a 'mistake' but call me crazy here, not a mistake you want to make in Saudi Arabia. Not when you are the person they brought there to try and land the World Cup in 2030. If that's not enough, he can't even play in the first match. Dude is legit banned (aggressive word for suspended, roll with it). 

Good. Don't slap phones out of kids hands, Ronaldo. But it just shows how hilarious this entire saga is. Ronaldo forces his way out of Manchester United after forcing himself there. Now he's going to play in some JV league with no chance of playing in Champions League. So much so that Newcastle even made a statement. 

Good thing is he put on a show for his first training

What a sad, sad end to his career. Have fun in South Africa.