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We're Only Four Days Into 2023, But This Couple That Blocked Their Row On A Southwest Flight Until They Found Someone They Liked To Sit Next To Them Are Frontrunners For Worst Airplane Passengers Of The Year

Well, four days into the new year and we have a clear runaway favorite for worst people of the year to board an airplane. Two savages abused the policy of a savage airline like Southwest and sat in the aisle and window so they could "choose" who sat next to them on the flight.  

First off, how is Southwest still getting away with this policy of absolute anarchy of first come, first serve seating? It's 2022. Everyone gets assigned a seat on every other airline. Sometimes the seat sucks ... sometimes the seats great. That's how it works folks. Win some ... lose some. When you open this policy up to chaos of saving seats, and first come first serve you might as well throw raw meat on the floor and have people fight to the death. Civilizations need rules, airlines need rules, so Southwest Airlines is asshole #1 here. 

Now .. .this couple technically didn't do anything wrong because of the rules of the airline ...but they did finagle them in there favor and did act pretty shitty by documenting the whole thing and saying they were going to pick who sat next to them. Not a very PC thing to do in 2022, and also like who died and made them king and queen ? If someone walks past and decides I want to sit down, the conversation shouldn't be "can I have this seat?" the conversation should be ... " Hi can you scoot out I'm going to take that seat I paid for just like you." Fair is fair. 

Also .. if we're being technical ... the logic for these people is flawed. Let's say it's a full flight ,and they let everyone walk down the aisles or onto the plane and take seats. If the last person on the plane was someone they didn't want sitting next to them (for I'm sure a variety of stupid fucking reasons) they would have been screwed because there were no other seats. Pretty dumb right ? 

I think the only acceptable punishment for these two is this ... the Yak crew boards a plane and sits in the middle seat. The crew rotates in a different Yak member every 15 minutes ( to piss them off they have to keep getting up) and the Yak member farts on command the entire flight. Maybe that will teach them that when you get on a flight you sit next to who gets assigned, you don't get to pick shit. 

As my friend Primo's Mom used to say "You get what you get and you don't get upset"