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World Class Athlete Mbappe Checking In With The Single Worst Jump Shot You'll See

I know Mbappe has never shot a basketball before after seeing this. I'm fairly sure Mbappe has never seen someone shoot a basketball before after seeing this. As far as I know, Mbappe has two healthy shoulders so we can rule that out. I'm not even talking about the halfcourt shot. People struggle with those all the time. Even world class athletes: 

*Note I wanted to put Frank's halfcourt shot here but couldn't find it. 

The fact is this is the argument against people who say imagine if the US had their best athletes play soccer. I assume it would look something like this. But now we have soccer players - most notably Mbappe - on the list with hockey players and wrestlers as the worst basketball players in the world. I don't know how you think this is how you shoot a basketball. 

Credit Neymar for being a pal and good teammate here and pretending like it's about to go in. That's the sort of confidence Mbappe needs. Neymar was ready to call it good. He was waiting to for the celebration. Then the ball landed a smooth 15 feet off target. 

PS: I'll leave everyone open to make Ben Simmons jokes here.