Dillon Danis May Be The Softest Person On The Planet After Pulling Out Of His Fight A Week Before Against KSI Because He Was Underprepared

Let me introduce you to the biggest fake tough guy in the entire world, Dillon Danis. I would go through all of the things he accomplished, but the last time he fought was in 2019 and it was against a guy they picked up at Walmart who was an absolute tomato can. The funny thing is I am only one fight behind him in experience. He is 2-0 in his career and I am 1-0 in boxing so I could probably beat up this fucking guy. 

This fight was perfect for him to show that YouTubers aren't real fighters. He beats KSI and maybe gets a shot at a Paul brother afterwards? Him pulling out just shows that he would have lost and his whole reputation would have went down the shitter. That being said his reputation isn't going to change because he normally says he'll fight everyone and then just never does. Next he'll show up to one of their events, get into a "brawl" where one punch is landed and create a little buzz that he is going to fight someone. Just like this...

Kind of smart just have everyone hold you back and tell everyone on social media that you would have beat the shit out of him if people didn't stop you. I guess its almost genius, almost fight everyone and never actually have to get your ass kicked. 

I also feel like his team could have come up with a better excuse besides saying he is out of shape, he has no coach and is too fat. This was his only chance for a pay day because these YouTubers are using him as a stepping stone in their career, but he cant even get in the ring with them. The crazy thing is that Dillon Danis would be a huge step down if Jake Paul fought him, so that will never happen.  I think this is the last time we will talk about this clown until he tries to fight someone at dinner or some stupid shit.