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Garbage, Trash, Idiotic, Stupid - We're Officially One Step Closer To The NCAA Tournament Being Ruined By Being A 90-Team Event

I want to believe Norlander here because he's a smart person who is well connected. However, I've cared about college basketball for far too long to know the NCAA only cares about money. That's why I'm fully expecting this to be passed and a 90 team NCAA Tournament at some point in the relative near future. 

It would be the dumbest thing ever. The whole 'participation trophy' thing gets tossed around probably too much these days, but this would be the epitome of it. 90 teams to the NCAA Tournament? Fuck outta here. He's an idea. Win. That's how you get to the NCAA Tournament. Win regular season games, win your conference tournament. There are plenty of chances and ways to make the greatest event in sports. You know what we don't need? The 11th team in the Big 10 or something like that to make the NCAA Tournament because they have to fill out 90 teams on a bracket. 

If anything the NCAA needs to go back to 64 teams and stop letting teams make a jump to Division I. We don't need 363 teams in the sport. That's far too many. It doesn't make sense to have that many teams. Sure, a team like Bellarmine works out, but how often is it? Not that often a team makes the jump and competes at the Division I level. 

I love how simple the NCAA Tournament is. 4 regions, 16 teams in each (fuck the First Four). There's just something about it that warms my heart. So don't even think about touching it. Don't even think about changing a thing. It's also the perfect length. Back-to-back Thursday-Sundays of games and then Final Four Saturday and championship Monday. Oh not to mention there's already conference tournaments with a win-and-advance scenario. 

I don't care how many times I have to write a blog like this. I don't care how small my voice is. I'm going to keep complaining if they ruin the NCAA Tournament. I love this event more than arguably anything in my life - even if it nearly kills me each year. I don't want to see some scrub ass team make it and celebrate they made it because the NCAA is looking for a bigger money maker. 

We can't let stupidity win here. We simply can't. I don't care if it's just a step, the fact this is even on the table is idiotic. LEAVE THE PERFECT EVENT ALONE.