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John Henry Was Booed At Fenway Park During The Winter Classic While Security Took Away Signs From Fans

Michael Dwyer. Shutterstock Images.

After an off-season of raising ticket prices after a last place season and seeing the Red Sox manage to get even worse after losing Xander Bogaerts, the team seems intent on going after the fans next. At the Winter Classic yesterday, John Henry was booed and Red Sox security took this sign away.

SOURCE - The fan, Mike Mullen, said he was trying to bring a sign into the stadium that said, “Pay Devers please.” It was made in Bruins colors, gold and black. He posted a picture of the sign on Twitter and said that the Fenway Park security team confiscated it at the gate.

Mullen told the Herald, “We were entering through Gate E. I didn’t really get an explanation as to why. The security guard said ‘I agree man’ to the sign, then called over another person to look at it and he said no. So they kept my sign. I read the ‘fan code of conduct’ and felt my sign didn’t violate any of the guidelines there.”

The sign even said "please"! It's a very kind sign. The sign didn't even bitch about losing Mookie Betts or Bogarts. It's asking to pay a player who is ON THE TEAM. The Red Sox have now admitted they were wrong for taking the sign but that's only after they were asked about it. If Mullen had kept his mouth shut, I'm very confident the Red Sox wouldn't have said a fucking thing. 

If you had told me 25 years ago that the Red Sox owner would win FOUR titles and be booed at Fenway, I wouldn't have believed it. But John Henry deserves the boos. He's running the team into the ground by what appears to be a general sense of disinterest. If you're going to own the team, at least give a shit. If not, sell it. Had he just announced the team was for sale after the 2018 season, he would have gone down as this odd and mysterious hero in Boston. Instead, he's thrown the team in neutral for so long, it's become reverse. 

Getty Images.

If John Henry thinks getting booed and gentle signs are bad, just fucking wait. Ask Rick Pitino or Jose Offerman how it goes in Boston when things really go south. If the Red Sox have the kind of awful year I expect them too, the fans will be really out for blood. It might even get worse the second the Patriots season ends and more eyes focus on how horrible this winter has been for the Sox.

John Henry hasn't done a press conference since 2020. The team was in last place in 2022 and have made their roster worse since then. I'm actually looking forward to what the next sign says. Guessing it won't end with "please".