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Another Falcons Loss - Team Gets Roasted For An Entire Day Before Deleting A Tweet Making Fun Of Ohio State's Missed FG

Now listen, two things can be true here. 1. This is a funny ass tweet. 2. There was no good to come from this tweet. You're making fun of a college kid missing a 50-yarder in what was a classic game. You're praising your guy for making a chip shot when you have 6 wins on the year and are eliminated from the playoffs. What did you think people were going to do? Georgia fans probably loved it because that's college football. But no one else was going to find this funny. 

What I don't get is why wait until Monday to delete this? Tough way to start the year if you ask me. I love that there was probably a meeting or at least a phone call debating if they should delete it and waited almost 24 hours. That's enough backlash to get it removed. You gotta just own it. You put it out there, keep it up. Let everyone make fun of you and get mad like Lawrence Tynes for a day or two before everyone moves on and gets mad at something else. It's how the Internet works. 

I find it hilarious because of how stupid it is. There was ZERO chance people embraced this tweet yet they fired it off. It's not as funny as the Mavericks/Rockets tweet from years ago

It's just outlandish that I have to find it funny. I know where the game was played. I know it was against Georgia. But the Falcons with 6 wins on the year rubbing it in on Ohio State is so incredibly outlandish. Never change, Falcons.