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No One On Earth Actually Mistook This Photo Of Khloe Kardashian For Taylor Swift

Khloé Kardashian’s photo editors appear to have taken airbrushing so far that her fans mistook her for Taylor Swift.

The Good American co-founder, 38, shared photos on Instagram Monday from her new spread for Sorbet magazine wearing head-to-toe Prada, and in one particular photo in which she’s lying down across a chair and ottoman, she looks more like the “Anti-Hero” singer, 33, than she does herself.

“I thought it was Taylor Swift lol,” commented one follower.

“Really thought this was Taylor swift lol,” echoed another, who received about five responses of “same.”

Hey guys, it's me. Starting off the year the way that God always intended, talking about Taylor Swift. Let's begin.

I'm going to tell you right now, not a single person on this earth actually thought this was a photo of Taylor Swift. This photo is of one thing:

1. A white woman with bangs

That's it. I swear to God, in the same way I have "height blindness" (if you are over a certain height, I and many others who suffer from this debilitating disease, think you are hot, despite what you actually look like) the human population has "bang blindness." You have bangs? You're Taylor Swift. You white? You Ben Affleck. That's what's happening here. 

Does Khloe look photoshopped? I mean, yea, but can I also say that I've been watching the Kardashians on Hulu and this is just what Khloe looks like now. She's 100 pounds, and she has bangs. People need to stop accusing her of photoshop constantly when...this is just how she looks now. How many times are we going to be like THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE KHLOE!!! before we decide, huh, she photoshops herself the exact same way every time? Maybe she...does look like this? I'm over it. The world needs to get it through their heads that Khloe Kardashian doesn't look like this anymore:

Giphy Images.

Now she is rich and famous, with mountains of disposable income to make herself look however she wants to look. ACCEPT IT ALREADY.