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Hunter Dickinson Called Out Wisconsin For Being Scumbags And Thinks The Feelings Are Mutual

This is the beauty of the Roundball Podcast because I asked one simple question 

 "what do you think of Wisconsin this year?" 

A valid question considering they have been playing well. They couldn't be nicer to us when Big Cat took everyone there last year when they played Purdue, but they obviously hate Hunter and Hunter hates them. The fact that he just came out and called the scumbags is very funny and anyone that gets butt hurt by that needs to grow up. This is the best thing to happen in sorts when players are outspoken about opponents because it makes that game so much better. When there is bad blood between teams that is when sports are at their finest. Anyone that thinks players shouldn't talk in season is so stupid. 

We are in a new media age and the fact we get first hand explanations of games and shit talking is amazing. College basketball is starting conference play, College Football is basically over so now is the time to start watching some college ball. This year it is wide open and we have one of the best players in the country talking about it twice a week.