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Kyrie Took A Page From LeBron's Lies - Claimed He Knew Donovan Mitchell Was 'Locked In' Because They Played Call Of Duty Together Yesterday

[Source] - "Good. Records are meant to be broken," he said. "I'm happy he did. What's funny about it is ... tell Don I shouted him out, but I was on Call of Duty a little bit before the game with Don. We were playing quads, and he was locked in, I could tell. He was locked in."

Oh shut the fuck up Kyrie. This dude is such an asshole for multiple reasons, but this is a page right out of LeBron's playbook. Just straight up lie about saying you knew something what going to happen. Oh I'm sure playing Call of Duty meant you knew Donovan Mitchell was locked in and would go get 70. 

There's no need to even say this. You're not his teammate. You're not even in the game. Oh just because he plays for your former team? Shut the fuck up. That's the point of this blog. Sometimes we don't need quotes from people (certainly not Kyrie) about something like this. And even more importantly we don't need the full LeBron lie. 

I don't even care about playing Call of Duty together. Guys have friends on other teams in all of sports. Big deal. You didn't know that Mitchell was going to have a historic game because you played some video game. Fuck outta here. Can we just have one ounce of common sense at some point? Can we just stop pretending like everything needs some wild explanation. There's no shot you can tell what Donovan Mitchell is thinking because of a video game.