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Skip Bayless Was Tone Deaf Last Night In The Worst Way Possible

Obviously, the biggest sports story in the world right now is Damar Hamlin's very scary collapse after a tackle last night. The initial video , and the shock and the upsetment on the faces of players from both teams was very difficult to watch. The internet did a fantastic job of rallying to support The Bills and Damar Hamlin in the moments and hours after this scary scene. In fact, a Go Fund Me organized by Hamlin was discovered and jumped from the thousands to over 3 million dollars overnight. 

Additionally, videos are surfacing showing what kind of guy Hamlin was , referencing the importance of cherishing his teammates presence. 

A look at Hamlin's social media page shows he really was living out a dream on the football field, and never seemed to forget where he came from . 

Anyone with any sense of the moment realized the only thing worth tweeting or posting about was the health of Hamlin. Now, we do live in a world that because of the up to the second information available where people are expected to know everything and get dunked on if they post something that doesn't have to do with the situation sweeping the news cycle. Take for example Wade Phillips 

Poor guy was at a basketball game and got roasted for not knowing the situation. He didn't have any malicious intent in his post, and I genuinely believe he was enjoying a night out and would watch the highlights of the football game later. But of course, the internet smoked him for this, forcing and apology on twitter. The guy didn't know the situation, take it easy. We don't have to go after everyone for everything in 2023. That's a resolution I will try to keep. 

Now, if you were watching the game … it was best to say nothing, or just say you were wishing for good news for Damar Hamlin and that he walks away from this healthy. Like most everyone did. 

Skip Bayless is not everyone. 

Instead of saying nothing, he brings up …. NFL scheduling. Yes the logistics of a game this late is hard to schedule, yes this will be a deciding factor in the standings for first round byes in the playoffs, yes there's questions that need to be answered … but maybe wait a few hours before we start asking these fucking questions Skip. It's the equivalent to telling someone you got in a fender bender and them asking if you have a full tank of gas. WHO GIVES A FUCK SKIP !!!!?? 

And unlike Wade Phillips, this was something he could have prevented because he was watching the game . He chose to be tone deaf and ask maybe the stupidest questions of all time. 

The internet immediately (rightfully so) went ballistic on Bayless. 

If this was a different analyst you would try to be compassionate, maybe say "he didn't think it out but he wasn't trying to be insensitive", or just say that's a bad read of the situation but you can tell it wasn't meant to be a malicious statement. 

The problem is Bayless has been around so long he's made a career of trying to be the attention grabber on his debate shows, and has done it for his entire career. Dating back to his time covering the Cowboys he made outlandish statments about Troy Aikman's sexual preferences. 

Sports Day - Bayless , a former Dallas sports columnist, wrote a book about the Dallas Cowboys that was published in 1996, when Aikman was the team's star quarterback. In the book, Bayless famously speculated -- without providing a shred of evidence -- that Aikman might be gay.

He also went after Dak Prescott when Prescott spoke about his mental health. 

Add those up with his ability to piss people off with his outlandish takes, and his desire to constantly be in the public eye … Bayless was going to get dragged for that reaction. The sad thing is with a guy like this sometimes you wonder if he even cares that he's getting roasted, he's just happy to be back in the headlines and have people talking about him again, which has been the blueprint of his career. Say wild shit you don't really believe and have it go viral because people disagree or hate the take. It's an annoying cycle, and people don't get that on his show he's trying to get reactions form people to go crazy which is what makes them tune in. Unfortunately, it just keeps going because people will always tune into Bayless, most of the time because they hate him. And the same can be said for a variety of talking heads on TV. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. Just once I wish Skip wouldn't be so obvious he wants the attention, because he so obviously sucks.