Stefon Diggs Took An Uber To The Hospital And Was Stopped By A Cop Until ESPN Reporter Coley Harvey Vouched For Diggs



A surreal and scary night for everyone, and we are just viewers at home who turn on the NFL to escape the world for a while. For the players though, this is their reality. They share a locker room, they share the highs of winning and the lows of defeat. And most of all, what we're learning tonight, is they share the emotions of the toll this game take on each other. I've always found it strange when a player gets carted off due to injury, they restart the game so quickly. It's always next man up. Then tonight the unimaginable happens and everyone remembers just how scary, how violent, and how quickly a life can change on the football field. We're so desensitized to injuries now- we basically write off concussions despite knowing what those can do to a person, and videos of life-altering injuries are RT'd for views and clout. Tonight we remember these guys are just normal guys who are supremely talented at a game we all love, who put everything on the line every week. It's why people get so mad at someone like Skip Bayless, who would prefer to point out the importance of the game before the importance of this man's life.

I guess I just went off on a tangent there and I hope it made sense, but seeing Stefon Diggs go to the hospital made me a little more introspective I suppose. 

It doesn't look like there will be any further updates tonight, so let's hope for some good news when we wake up.



And his toy drive is now over $1 million.