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Extremely Scary Situation In Cincinnati As Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Collapsed And Had CPR Administered On The Field And The Game Has Been Delayed Until Further Notice


An extremely scary situation right now. Damar Hamlin made a tackle in the game, stood up, and collapsed. CPR was done on the field and now the teams are going into the locker rooms. For a minute there it looked like the refs were going to re-start the game but someone came to their senses and decided it would not be the right decision. It is the absolute correct decision to stop the game while a man's life is potentially in the balance. I also want to pick my words carefully, as I'm sure all of you are doing with your friends right now. I don't want to assume anything and we are all wishing, hoping, praying for the best. We've never seen a situation where we truly do not know if a player will make it, and the fact someone thought this game should continue is asinine. The game is not important, his health is. Man. All the love, hopes, and prayers in the world to Damar Hamlin right now.

Obviously we don't know how true anything we see on Twitter is but this is the first update I've seen: