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Gunmen Stormed A Mexican Prison In Juarez And Freed 25 Prisoners, Including A Cartel Leader. Authorities Discovered "VIP" Prison Cells Upon Investigation

CBS - Mexican authorities on Monday raised the death toll from an attack on a state prison in Ciudad Juarez across the border from El Paso, Texas to 17, a brazen operation that appeared designed to free the leader of a local gang.

Twenty-five inmates escaped in the attack.

Security Secretary Rosa Icela Rodríguez said 10 of the dead were prison guards who were attacked by gunmen who arrived early Sunday in armored vehicles and fired on the entrance and inside dormitories.

Rodríguez identified the inmates who escaped as being with the Mexicles gang, which she associated with the Caborca Cartel. She said the Mexicles' leader was among the fugitives. The Mexicles have been one of Juarez's main gangs for decades and for many years were known to work with the Sinaloa Cartel.

The Caborca Cartel had been led by drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero who was recaptured in July. He was allegedly behind the killing of a U.S. DEA agent in 1985.

Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval said the soldiers and state police who retook control of the prison found 10 "VIP" cells outfitted with televisions and other comforts. One even had a safe filled with cash.

Authorities also found cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl and marijuana inside the prison.

Sandoval said two other gunmen killed after attacking local police a short time before the attack on the prison were likely a diversion. They were not included in the 17 dead, which were made up of 10 guards and seven inmates.

Holy shit. 

Just last week organized crime guru Jeff Nadu blogged about the cartel that ambushed the Mexican military 

which I'm pretty sure is the definition of an "act of war" but not certain. 

So the news today that they're now storming a prison and springing their buddies in a jailbreak where they leave bodies of prison guards strewn about isn't that shocking if we're being honest.

What's the saying? Give an inch, and they take a mile?

Well, they took a mile by ambushing THE MILITARY last week, so overtaking a prison was nada. 

It's really got to fucking suck trying to be one of the good guys in Mexico. It's such a beautiful country, with amazing food, great people, with so much potential, yet nobody with a good bone in their body stands a chance against the corruption.

Remember their president Nieto who El Chapo bribed for $100 Million

When the fucking president of the country is on the take, how can you expect the military, and local police to stand up to the cartels, and maintain integrity? No chance.

You couldn't pay me enough money in the world to join a Mexican police force or the military. No way no how. 

Which leads me to questioning why did they even feel the need to kill these guys? 

I'm pretty sure rolling up with the firepower they had, and demanding the release of their guys, in exchange for a few bags of pesos is standard procedure in Mexico. No need for bloodshed. The guards more than likely would have opened the doors and wished everybody a happy new year.

I say that because they were already letting this guys live the life of Riley in the prison they were responsible for guarding. These motherfuckers were basically living the same lives, working, running guns, having people killed, and being scumbags, all from behind the prison walls. I'd argue they were safer and more secure in prison than they will be now outside of it even.

Flat screen TVs, leather couches, safes filled with cash, and all the drugs under the sun doesn't scream "Mexican Prison" to me but what the fuck do I know?

I think the only way out of this mess is getting The Man with No Name down there to clean shit up.

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