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I Humbly Present The Greatest Movie Theater Popcorn Guy In The History Of Mankind

A man can be an artist in anything. Food, whatever. It depends on how good he is at it. Jason Grosboll's art is popcorn and he just painted his masterpiece.

I've seen plenty of popcorn guys that care about their customers put butter in the tub halfway through filling it up with popcorn and the straw method I learned from Hubbs is the perfect workaround for when you are buttering the corn yourself.

However, Jason's twirl method is how you ensure the perfect butter:kernel ratio occurs, not to mention the unbelievable grace of his technique, which really comes through in the slow mo version of the video.

Imagine going to see Avatar 2 in theaters and it's not even the most impressive thing you witnessed because of the showmanship exhibited by the popcorn guy at the concession stand? James Cameron must be punching air right now. 

Now the only question that remains is whether Jason is the Picasso of Popcorn or if he is a full blown Michaelangelo of Movie Theaters that is a renaissance man in all fields, from buttering popcorn, to pouring soda, to getting candy, and even ripping ticket stubs. I feel like I have to visit Corpus Christi just to see this wizard in person and to be honest, I could see me uprooting my entire family by moving there just so I know they will have perfectly buttered popcorn every time they watch a movie.