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This David Pastrnak Spaghetti Sculpture Has Entered The Chat Of Most Horrifying Statues In Sports

It's Pasta, made out of pasta. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? It's funny because it's his nickname, but it's also a food. 

What's not funny, however, is how damn creepy this thing looks even without getting a close-up.  

The spaghetti combined with the red sauce looks like they just ripped all the skin off of Pasta's body. It looks like the poster that's on the door in your doctor's office. 

Maybe I just don't understand art. This could easily be a 'me' problem. Honestly, statues have never really been my favorite medium anyway unless they are immortalizing a fictional boxer from South Philly. But something about this one in particular just isn't quite sitting right with me. I'm not gonna say "if you make statues of people out of spaghetti and red sauce, you're a serial killer". But there are certainly some serial killer tendencies involved here. We were all taught at a young age to not play with our food. Perhaps it's time for another reminder. 

Speaking of not playing with your food, my pick for most horrifying sports statue of all-time still goes to the RGIII Subway BBQ chicken sandwich statue. 

John Lamparski. Getty Images.

And obviously not blog about horrific sports statues would be complete without the obligatory Ronalderp. 

Adam Davy - PA Images. Getty Images.


Bruins vs Penguins. 2pm at Fenway. Weirdly the first Winter Classic I've actually looked forward to in a while. I think I might be back in on outdoor games.