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Why Do New York Jets QBs Not Succeed?

In the coming weeks, I will be diving into different theories as to what variables could have been the consistent reason why Jets QBs continue to fall short while playing here. Is it the media? Is it something in the water? Is the mob threatening Jets QBs to do badly for illegal racketeering reasons? What is going on and why do quarterbacks continue to struggle? 

It is unique to just the QB group. The pressure being applied to the face of the team in such a large market may largely be to blame. We won't find the answers, but at some point, everyone turns on the starter, and it is seriously irreparable. Could it be the cutthroat culture of New Yorkers? Could the sons and daughters of the immigrant working-class mentality of the Jet fanbase, where if someone can't do the job, it is better to cut them loose and just get a new guy straight off the boat to do it? Could the attitudes towards labor in the region due to its history with Ellis island and large masses of people with the American dream in their heads, ready to work be to blame? Or is it simply the pressures of a large market and the pressures of being an NFL QB simply too much for any human to handle? 

The defense has always been able to be good in multiple coaching regimes. But there is no true face of the defense but a collaborative effort that one person can never get the media's blame; this almost puts less pressure on them and allows them to do well. Could it be the craftiness of the New York Post covers that are just too much to come back from?

I am doing more and more research each day to put together the reasons why most Jets QBs are ran out of town. 

Think about this: Brett Favre was run out of town in 2008 and then went on to the Vikings and had the greatest completion percentage of his career. 

We will be doing a case-by-case breakdown of how each of these things happen and why guys fail. I will probably be the only member of the New York Media who is going to try to fix the problem and not be the problem.