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Blaine Gabbert Saves Crash Victims on Jetski, Football Grenades and more: Football Guy of the Week Nominees

Congratulations to the Wobbly Browns fan for winning the last football guy of 2022.

Committed fan! Parking lot pass sets IMO got snubbed lowkey. 

Now for this week's nominees!

1. Blaine Gabbert, QB, TB 

This is just superhero stuff. Backup QB is just a sweet gig; you get paid big time and can just roll around on a jetski rescuing people at a moment's notice. 

Gabbert went towards a helicopter crash and pulled people out of the water. 

Football guy. 

2. Daniel Jones

This is just an all-time hilarious but team move. Just taking advantage of a situation to give the guys a well-earned day off. Coach was so taken off guard he had to stick with it. Daniel Jones alpha'd the whole organization's chain of command. 

3. Stacy Collins PSU Special Teams Coordinator/ Nickels Coach

Imagine being a 50-year-old and letting men in the prime of their athletic ability use you as a tackling dummy. I mean, hoping in these types of drills is one of the only ways to get the respect of your players. No brainer. 

4. Steve Sarkisian

A lot of people were giving Sarkisian flack for this, but anybody that fired up before a game is hype. Coaches do whatever it takes to hype up the team and if that means threatening combat to a random bystander, then so be it. It just means more. It's psycho as hell but still war mode mentality. 

Throwback Football Guys 

This little morsel of awesome US army history is crazy. I know grenades were originally designed to be like a baseball so US soldiers could sling them better. These larger grenades were supposed to be for anti-armored personnel.