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Goddamn that's a sight for sore eyes after the last five years of shit starting with Ben McAdoo's slicked back hair to Pat Shurmur being an absolute buckethead to Jason Garrett holding the offense hostage to Coach Judge green lighting a 3rd & 9 QB sneak not to mention He Who Shall Not Be Named completely butchering the roster and salary cap while all the fans had to show for it was a free medium Pepsi.

But today all that shit is in the past for good, which led to us getting a blast from the past with a Landon Collins Pick 6 and a Gatorade bath from the Parcells Era.

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There has been plenty rightfully written about Brian Daboll leading this team to the playoffs despite them paying an ungodly amount in dead money for He Who Shall Not Be Named's mistakes. But we all know that this team doesn't make the postseason without their QB1 carrying a receivers room full of practice squadders. And wouldn't you know, my little lamb got the ovation I've been waiting for since I started up the Danwagon four years ago.

The fans may like DJ now but I guarantee his teammates love him after pulling this move.

Also while we are handing out game balls and pats on the back, I'll give one to myself for righting the ship as the team's Barstool blogger.

I'm not sure what the seeding in the playoffs will look like based on the rest of today's games and next week's games. But the Giants are in the dance, which is all that matters. Now it's time to focus on getting healthy and ready for the postseason. No boat rides, ATV tours, or vacations of any kind because the goal of the season doesn't end there!

Get your merch now because I think the playoffs will be much more common in the Coach Daboll Era as they were during General Coughlin's reign.