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Kayvon Thibodeaux Doing Snow Angels As Nick Foles Writhed In Pain Is One Of The Weirdest Things I've Ever Seen On A Football Field

Yup, that was one of the most absurd things I've ever seen in my life and part of my job is finding absurd things on the internet. It went from weird to awkward to damn near a Family Guy joke that becomes a bit by going on too long. I'm shocked not one offensive lineman dropped an elbow a Thibodeaux after he made his 100th angel.

To be clear, I don't think Kayvon knew he was doing snow angels in the wake of Nick Foles' body breaking. If he did, he is probably the most ruthless vato to ever wear a Giants uniform. Because for all the talk about the destruction Lawrence Taylor did to Joe Theisman's leg, LT's reaction was immediately trying to get Theisman some help.

So we'll just chalk this up to an extremely wild pair of events taking place at the same time, hope Nick Foles is alright with what appears to be a rib injury, and consider it water under the bridge with the Football Gods because it looks like the Giants may be playing some big football games in January for the first time in a long time. Deal? Deal!

P.S. I'm SHOCKED the refs didn't throw a flag as Kayvon did this next to an injured player considering they called John Feliciano for taunting while flexing at his own teammate due to what will likely be known as the Mara Rule one day.

P.P.S. If anybody ever does snow angles next to one of my teammates as it appears their soul left their body, I'm going to get a penalty for fighting back. I guess the only competitive thing I do is The Dozen, so the other trivia teams better take note. If you hurt Portnoy or my sweet Edward then celebrate next to their injured body, I will smash your face in without thinking twice.