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The TCU - Michigan Game Was Great...But Taylor Lewan Busting It Down With The Cheerleaders Was Better

We had an instant classic last night in TCU - Michigan, everything about it was amazing. The game on the field is one we won't forget anytime soon with a huge upset from TCU. But somehow the alternate broadcast with RG3, AQ Shipley, and Taylor Lewan may have been better? A more lively Manningcast with attitude, it was fantastic. We got tons of great clips from it but the best in my eyes was when Michigan recovered a fumble and Lewan absolutely lost it. Big Blue was showing signs of life and Taylor just couldn't contain himself. Guy had to do something so he decided to jump right in with the cheerleaders. 

You look at those moves and you don't think that is a guy who had major knee surgery just a few weeks ago. The knee looks good, Taylor looks limber, that is a guy who may be able to suit up for a playoff run next week. But seriously, him jumping right in and the other cheerleader looking up at him while still doing the routine was hilarious. By far the biggest person to ever do any sort of cheerleading routine as well, and he didn't miss a beat. Stone faced too, that was the look of a focused man who was trying to will his team and fanbase to victory. What a performance put on by 77, that knee still has some life in it.