Cincinnati Kid Reaches The Peak Of Life With This Absurd Backwards Over The Head Buzzer Beater

What a shot. This is the peak of life though. I'm not talking about how he gets to pull this video up 10 years from now when talking to a hunnie baby. I'm not talking about how he gets to sit in his room and just cackle that he made this shot. But because when you're a kid, there's nothing and I mean nothing better than this. Not even the over the head shot. But the buzzer beater. If you played basketball think about how many times you ran around your driveway counting down and pretended to hit a game-winner.

Oh and if you missed, there was a foul. Just simple rules to live by. 

Now I do have a complaint. What the fuck is the reaction? Just one couple hugging. Where are the dads fist pumping? Where are the moms crying? If one of my two sons drill a shot like this I'm sprinting around the gym and fist pumping harder than Tiger. Have some reaction to the moment one time Cincinnati. You know who gets it?

The ref. 

Man walked to the middle to deliver the call. 

This kid better have the dude who made the pass as his wingman for life too. Hell of a pass. That can't go unnoticed. 29-28, what a game. What a win. Winning a game as a kid = peak of life.