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HISTORY! Ohio Is The First Ever Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl Champs Thanks To A Ridiculous TD Catch In OT

What a game! That's how you do a bowl game. That's the beauty of college football overtime. 

Mind you this was all set up because of a failed icing of the kicker. 

They'll be talking about this game inside the walls of Courtside, CI, Junction, PawPurrs and Crystals for years to come. Centuries to come even. CJ Harris won MVP after that throw. But this is bigger than that. This is the beauty of bowl games. You get a little bit of everything as I said. We saw trick plays. We saw dumb plays. But more importantly we saw an awesome game. I don't care what you say, it was awesome.

Actually more importantly it was a change. I don't care about sucking our own dicks. You don't see this sort of commentary anywhere else: 


No boring ass jokes. No cliche statements. Just guys arguing about penalties, the way the game should be. Shout out Ohio. Shout out everyone who watched. Shout out everyone who played a part in it. Hell of a game.