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Rone's Masterclass On How To Get An Exclusive Interview Should Be Taught In Journalism Schools Across The Country

There are certain things you can't teach. Height, athleticism, grit. This is all on display here by Rone. It's impressive. This is something that should be taught in Journalism 101 across the country. No more AP style. No more journalistic ethics. This video on repeat to show how you handle getting an exclusive interview. Were there answers? That's up for you to say. But Rone delivered. You can't tell me this is the moment everyone knew he was serious about the sideline interview: 


Speaking of grit. 

Laying it all on the line. Rone, Jersey Jerry, everyone. That's the Barstool Arizona Bowl difference. That's how you get guys picking up tees. That's how we start to get answers from Cowboy Joe. Rone's high knees are the modern day Woodward and Bernstein.