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Ohio U Is Going To Destroy Wyoming Like They Did Their Own Campus During "The Worst Halloween Party Ever"


I don't think it's a coincidence that the MMA guy here at Barstool Sports is an Ohio Bobcat. Raging is in the blood of these people. Learned at Sargent Hall dorms, seasoned in the eternally under punishment frat houses, and sharpened on countless blacked out nights on Court Street, it's a way of life in Athens, Ohio.

Ohio University has earned a reputation as one of the top party schools in the nation on the strength of Palmer Fest, Number Fest and their legendary Halloween parties.

I went there four or five times for Halloween when I was younger but one year in particular stands out. I was there for what is known as the worst ever Halloween party in Ohio University history.

There were stabbings, cars flipped, couches lit on fire, and full out riots.

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - Rioting partiers at an annual Halloween bash started fights, lit couches on fire and threw bottles at officers in what police called "the worst event to date."

About 5 a.m., a crowd set five bonfires using couches and other materials, turned over a car and threw bottles at firefighters and police in riot gear.

Unusually warm weather brought a larger crowd than previous years, police said. No crowd estimate was available.

There were 66 arrests Saturday and early Sunday morning, following 15 arrests Friday, police said.


This happened directly outside the house we were staying at. You read 5am and you think, OK that was some drunk idiots still going after everyone else was done partying. But no, there were thousands of people out there partying in the streets still. It looked like a music festival.

Police officers in full riot gear were getting pelted with beer bottles so badly that a fire truck was called out. They had to spray the entire crowd with hoses and fire extinguishers to get people to go back inside. It was bananas.

I personally watched a group of police on horse back retreat as a crowd of idiot college kids dressed in Power Rangers and Super Hero costumes flipped a car right in front of them. It wasn't even like the school had won something, people were destroying shit just to do it. 

Ryan Heflin, a senior in sports and leisure studies at OSU, attended the Halloween festival at OU, but said he didn’t see any of the violence or riots. 

“It was crazy. It was sort of like a Mardi Gras,” Helfin said. “All of the people had on costumes, girls were flashing themselves on top of buildings and hanging out of windows. It looked like something you would see on ‘Girls Gone Wild.’”

So during today's broadcast on when you hear Brandon Walker or anyone else talk about being "Cowboy tough" just remember those guys in the white and green helmets across the field are a different kind of tough. They are "I'm somehow eligible to play sports even though I go to school with crazy people who could party Motley Crue under the table" tough.

Give me Ohio -2 at the Barstool Sportsbook