Crazy Story Of Blaine Gabbert Using His Jet Ski To Help Rescue Four People From A Helicopter Crash In Florida

[Source] - Floating in open water after the helicopter he and his parents had taken a tour on made an emergency landing into the water off Davis Islands on Thursday evening, Hunter Hupp had no idea who the three men were who quickly approached on two jet skis as he treaded water.

Hupp, 28, had spent the previous hour on a flight out to the beaches and back as a Christmas gift, but he and the helicopter's other passengers heard a loud noise in the rotor above and had to land in the water, about 200 yards from shore.

Hupp's parents, Wes and Lisa, made it out of the helicopter as it took on water, as had the pilot, but Hupp was the last one out, unable to free himself for about a minute before getting out and to the surface. The four of them floated together, only inches of the helicopter showing above the water, contemplating whether to wait for help or try to swim to land while fully clothed, then almost immediately saw two men on jet skis approaching.

One of them, as confirmed by a source close to the team, was Tampa Bay Bucs backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who lives on Davis Island and was part of the rescue effort. Hupp said they helped his father up on one jet ski and he and his mother on the other, stayed with them and coordinated how to bring back more people than the jet skis were meant to carry.

I know crazy story is overplayed or any variation of that. But this qualifies as legit insane. Blaine Gabbert, American Hero, QB hero, is out here saving people from a helicopter crash with his jet ski. It's straight out of a movie - or at the very least some sort of like CBS drama. 

That said, this is a big time nope nightmare. I'm not afraid to fly or anything like that but the biggest nightmare is crashing in a body of water and having to tread water. The thought of that alone just gives me a shiver. I'd prefer not to have the threat of drowning in my life. So luckily for these people it's Blaine Gabbert and friends coming to the rescue. 

At the same time it's gotta be a wild moment to be Gabbert and the other person on a jet ski. You're just enjoying the day on an elite toy. Nothing better than a jet ski. Next thing you know you see people treading water and a helicopter nearly completely underwater. You have to snap into action and bam go save people. Made the mom's day too: 

Hupp said he had no idea one of his rescuers was an NFL quarterback, as they hadn't exchanged more than first names, but told a description of Gabbert, he said "I think that was the one my mom was clinging to."

"My mom said she was hoping to meet Tom Brady while we were down here," he said. "I think she came pretty darn close."

So shout out Blaine Gabbert.