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The Denver Broncos Are Rallying Against My Blog And Backing Up Russell Wilson

Marcio J Sanchez. Shutterstock Images.

I penned a blog the other day about Russell Wilson having his own office in the Broncos facility in addition to several reserved parking spots at the stadium. It got a lot of traction on social media with the @barstoolsports main account tweeting it out as it's pretty en vogue to just pile on Russ given his poor play and recent firing of first year Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett in addition to all the draft capital the Broncos gave up and his massive contract extension. 


Well it appears this article made it's way into the Broncos Wide Receivers room and they were NOT PLEASED. As much shit as Russ gets for his teammates rolling his eyes at him and appearing to hate him, his pass catchers really came to his defense today. It started with Jerry Jeudy. *Posting the Adam Schefter version because that is a career highlight for me.

And while I appreciate Jeudy wanting to defend his guy, but all he did was confirm Shannon Sharpe's scoop that Russ had his own private office. I guess it's at least going to good use? Maybe…

Others joined in with Courtland Sutton retweeting Jeudy's tweet above and KJ Hamler putting his own thoughts in response to the article.

The Broncos have been a bad team and almost more notably, a bad body language team all season long. Whether that is all Russ or maybe more frustration with the coaching staff remains to be seen. But I am encouraged and hopeful that Russ can regain some of his prime Seattle form with all of his Receivers sticking up for him. Nothing but respect for that move.