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ESPN Bringing Back The "This Is SportsCenter" Commercials Is The Best Move That Company Has Made In Years

I can't tell you the last time I watched an episode of SportsCenter or if they even show SportsCenter on ESPN, ESPN2, or any of the other 25 ESPNs anymore in favor of shows where people fake argue takes they don't really believe because people like watching that nonsense for some reason. Back in the days, my ass would be parked in front of my TV for the 6 PM SportsCenter every single weeknight before casting off to whatever channel was showing the game of I cared about most. Now I think I only turn on ESPN to watch whatever games they paid a bazillion dollars to broadcast.

But holy shit was it beautiful to see a fresh This Is SportsCenter commercial drop from the clouds complete with its signature absurdity. I mean I didn't love seeing my beloved Otto watch some of his distant relatives getting savagely eaten by the best women's soccer team on the planet. However it was a reminder of a time when I was married to SportsCenter for all my sports needs for better or for worse (whether my teams were good or sucked), for richer for poorer (no matter how hot or cold I was in gambling), in sickness and in health (lest we forget SportsCenter marathons were the best way to spend a sick day from school). Bringing those commercials back is the best thing ESPN has done since they created a show that aired at 1 AM on a Wednesday for one episode. I'll give the Manningcast the silver medal since watching Eli and Peyton objectively rules.

This is probably the last time I'll think about SportsCenter for a while, but here's a trip down memory lane with the Best Of This Is SportsCenter commercials.

As well as my favorite episode of the Barstool version we did.

Anyway, as noted Baltimore scholar Slim Charles once said about the old days: "Yeah now, well. The thing about the old days...They the old days". Onto the new days with the Barstool Arizona Bowl kicking off now on Barstool.TV!