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“Liver King” Brian Johnson tricked customers into buying his supplements by claiming he attained his ripped physique with a raw liver diet – when in fact he was using steroids, a new $25 million class-action lawsuit charges.

The fitness influencer earlier this month admitted that his muscular body was achieved through a pricey expensive steroid regimen rather than the primal lifestyle he peddles.

Now, New Yorker Christopher Altomare has filed suit against the bodybuilder and his companies –Ancestral Supplements, LLC and The Fittest Ever, LLC — for allegedly conning consumers into buying his products.

Johnson hawked his Nine Ancestral Tenets lifestyle — including the Eat Tenet promoting a eating raw liver and testicles — by “consistently” appearing shirtless to “showcase his muscular physique” and portraying “himself as the epitome of health,” according to the Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

In reality, his brand included “a dangerous and life-threatening diet” which caused “a large portion of consumers” to suffer from “severe” food-borne illnesses, the suit filed Wednesday claims.

I am trying to figure out if I myself am liable in this lawsuit for getting Liverking on Pardon My Take. 


I want it on the record, I said he was juicing since day 1. Just read this original blog. 

I mean, this was bound to happen after his omission of being on juice the whole time. I wonder if this was Brian Johnson's plan the whole time. Did he move the money to other shell corporations to defend the funds from a lawsuit? Will ancestral supplements essentially go bankrupt, and will Brian Johnson make off with all the dough? I have seen Liverking's operation up close. The guy rolls with a huge crew and definitely owes a lot of people money. I don’t know if this is literally anyone who consumed any of the stuff Liver King was shilling can join the lawsuit. I mean, Liverking personally straight up made me eat raw liver, it gave me diarrhea. I think if anyone is most eligible to get money from him it could be the PMT crew. Also, I have no idea how this law specifically works, but this guy does, so hit him up with how to get involved. 

The only way Liver King can regain my appreciation is if he fights a Paul brother or Andrew Tate in RNR. The ridiculousness of this tiny muscle hamster being wiped around the ring would be so goddamn hilarious. Hell with the reach I have on him I would take him at Rough N Rowdy. The weight class would be perfect but the reach difference would be comical. Another wrinkle to the Liverking Saga.