It's Kind Of Crazy That Some NFL Kickers Don't Consistently Do What They Are Signed To Do: Make Their Damn Kicks

David Banks. Shutterstock Images.

On today's Pardon My Take… PETE PRISCO! The senior NFL columnist for CBS Sports joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss Week 18 in the NFL, Russell Wilson, a world with Pete as a coach, and much more. 

Perhaps the most important part of a football roster includes the special teams. So much of our discussion involves the offense and defense, but outside of Justin Tucker, there aren't many talking points surrounding kickers and punters. That wasn't the case on today's show, though, as Prisco and the fellas highlighted the importance of the kicker position that included a catch phrase to remember…

Mr. Cat: You know, we ignore special teams all year, and then it always comes up in the playoffs.

Pete Prisco: Yeah, punt the ball out of bounds, kick the ball out of the end zone, don't worry about any of that return crap, come on. Give me a break, special teams, make your damn kicks.

Mr. Cat: See? You're doing it. 

Pete Prisco: Make your damn kicks, make your damn kicks. That's your damn job. Make your damn kicks. These kickers, "Oh, he made his kick from 52." That's his damn job! Make your kick. If you go to a practice, what do they do all day? They stand on the side, and they kick, and they kick, and they kick. And they work on the mechanism of the snap, the hold, the kick, and they kick, and they kick, then they get in the games, you make your damn kicks. It's your job, it's your only job, make your kicks. 

Mr. Commenter: You should be a special teams coordinator. Kick the ball out of bounds, don't let that guy return it, make your kicks.

Mr. Cat: Make your damn kicks. 

Mr. Commenter: As simple as that.

Mr. Cat: Yeah.

Pete Prisco: You know, it's funny. You see a kickoff and you're watching a game and you go, "Oh, okay, just boot it out of the end zone and go from there and let them play, right?" But then you see, "Oh no, he's going to hit a high one to about the 3 yard line and see if they can pin them in," just kick it out of the end zone, you don't have to worry about it, it's not that complicated! 

Mr. Commenter: I agree!

Pete Prisco: It really isn't. If the Bills had done the right thing in that playoff loss to the Chiefs, they would have been in the Super Bowl, and probably would have won the Super Bowl. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah.

Pete Prisco: They didn't, and they lost the game.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, it's a foolproof strategy, honestly. Just make your kicks and don't let the other team return your kicks for touchdowns.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, special teams coordinator Pete Prisco, I think there's a future here. 

Pete Prisco: Punt the damn ball out of bounds and you don't have to worry about it!

Mr. Commenter: Just pin them deep, just coffin corner it.

Seems simple enough, folks! Just follow these rules made by Pete Prisco, and nothing can go wrong on the special teams side of things.