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A Fight Broke Out Between The Magic And Pistons And We Almost Had Another Malice At The Palace

Nope. I'm pretty sure you can't do either of those things. From Mo Wagner's shove out of bounds to Killian Hayes' elbow to the back of the head, both are going to warrant some length of a suspension. It wouldn't shock me if Wagner got a game and then Killian got multiple because he went right for the back of the head of a guy who wasn't looking. The league probably won't love that too much. 

Of course, with this taking place in Detroit, I think everyone's mind goes to the same place. We were very close to another Malice at the Palace situation. 

You can hear the PA announcer immediately 


No chance the Pistons have another situation like that on their hands again. If any franchise is going to make sure they don't have fans fighting players, it's going to be the Pistons. That PA announcer was on that shit immediately and frankly did an incredible job. I didn't see any fans fighting players did you? Nope. Great job by that guy.

As expected, both Wagner and Hayers were tossed as was Hamidou Diallo

and I'd say by NBA standards that was a pretty decent skirmish. A blatant cheap shot to the back of the head, but the shove out of bounds was also a cheap shot. Now I understand why Al Horford smashed Mo Wagner's dick and balls and got ejected a few games ago. To be throwing cheap shots like that while you're also getting killed isn't the best look either. I can understand why Killian Hayes was pissed, but I don't love the move of going for the back of someone's head when they aren't looking. That's kind of an asshole move too. Seems to me like this is something that nobody is really the winner outside of us as fans because I love a good NBA "HOLLLDDD MMEEE BAAACKKK" moment. Who doesn't?

But yeah, these two guys are screwed. This game and fight is most definitely not worth the suspension and fine, that's for sure.


To this day the orginal Malice at the Palace remains insane to me. What a moment that will live on forever