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We Have A Real Life Grand Theft Auto Situation Where A Guy Just Goes Into Traffic Trying To Hit Cars With A Baseball Bat

You can't make this shit up because this guy looks like one of the characters you choose to be in GTA. He has the tank top and even walks with a little hop in his step exactly like a video game character. 

My favorite part of this video is the passenger in complete shock and the cars beeping at him. Like a beep is going to stop Barry Bonds from smashing your windshield. He didn't have one care in the world and I always wonder what set him off to be like "I am about to go and grab my bat and go straight into traffic". He must have just been playing GTA beforehand then decided to bring the game to real life because this is nobody's first choice of violence. 

This is why sometimes I think we really live in a simulation. How do these people think of these things like the video game Grand Theft Auto or even like aliens? Seriously, who was the bastard that thought about aliens? Nobody would ever think of those little green goblins unless they were real. I won't get into this right now if I need to give a lesson one day I will. But just look into Antartica. Thats where those bastards are and they are underground and someone found them but the government silenced him. Why do you think nobody lives there and people say that this fake Santa Claus lives there so they make sure nobody goes there but again this could be another blog.