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Best of 2022 - BLOG OF THE YEAR - Were My Two Years In NYC A Success?

My two year stretch in the Barstool Sports NYC HQ ended on Tuesday. I want to thank Billy Football & PFT Commenter for joining me on the Rundown. That Rundown covered my all of my favorite moments the last two years. I LOVED it. Billy and PFT are easily two of my favorite people at the Stool.

PFT even got his guitar out to sing "City Of New Orleans" at the end. It was quite the touching moment.

So was my time in NYC a success? Let's break it down.

I moved to New York on Halloween Weekend of 2020 during the pandemic. I had only spent one night of my life in NY and knew no one.  Big shout out to Big Cat who went above and beyond welcoming me to the Stool even texting me that we were friends already because of mutual Louisiana contacts.

My first day in the office, Dave Portnoy tossed me on the Rundown with him and Big Cat 20 seconds before it started. I set the tone and this is still one of my favorite memories. I told the story of getting let go in Bossier City, Louisiana 7 months prior and now working for Barstool Sports. It felt like the American Dream.


Dave Portnoy was A LOT happier on that first Rundown with me than he was on Tuesday to say the least! 

I moved to NYC on a one year prove it deal. I got a 2nd one year prove it deal in November 2021. When I signed the 2nd deal, I told Dave that it was on when the Barstool Sportsbook app launched in Louisiana. And I feel like I did for the most part. I got pretty dang hot with the Mintzy Tour in Louisiana after the app launched hitting the whole state for 24 days.

A few months later, I caught the heat again with the Vandy Whistler altercation into Ole Miss winning the College World Series. I was red hot gambling too and even found myself with Phil Ivey on my left at the featured table of the WSOP Main Event on Day 1 in July.

All was going well until I drew the ire of Dave Portnoy in August. I was worried that might cost me during my next contract negotiations.

I was THRILLED to sign a new multi year deal in October. The first thing I asked Barstool CEO Erika Nardini about was moving back to the South. Both Dave and her were fine with it. Getting a new deal and moving back South (New Orleans) is all I could ever want. I felt like the two years were easily worth it off this alone.

Could I have done a lot more? Absolutely. There's no doubt about it.

Did I get poured on the last 72 hours? No doubt about that either. I am just now starting to come up for air. 


But in the big picture, moving to NYC knowing no one and going back South with a new deal is 1000% a huge success no matter how many people have turned on me recently. There are worse things in life than getting trolled by Dave Portnoy and Lane Kiffin. I am lucky as hell just to have this opportunity and I realize that. 

I strive to not take myself too seriously. I do not always succeed but at least I make the effort. Gotta stay positive no matter what.


And I definitely do not want to see anyone wearing this shirt on the road that Dave put out to make fun of me.