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Do Joe Buck And Scott Van Pelt Actually Hate Each Other Or Was This Interaction After MNF a Bit?

Wow! This interaction between Joe Buck and Scott Van Pelt was really frosty and it all started because Van Pelt only asked Buck one question? Or do these guys hate each other and that's why Van Pelt only asked him one question. I'm going with the latter.

At first, I thought Buck was joking in a smarmy way with the "That's it? I only get one question" and "But, I have to awkwardly stand here." It's when it shifts to Van Pelts asks about it being warmer does Buck just let the animosity out. Van Pelt is obviously provoking Buck by asking such a useless question but Buck just grabs the bait and runs with it. This hate looks like it has been simmering for awhile. Look at Troy Aikman's reaction. He gives a nervous giggle when he pushed Buck out of the frame but then puts on a Mt. Rushmore face for the rest of the interaction (other then a far too late fake laugh at Buck's Christmas kid joke).

There is no easier way to know a Gen Xer (of which I am one) is pissed off than when they do the point and say "Good one." That's code for people born from 1964-82 when they really mean "I hope you choke to death at your next meal and your family is there to watch".

The gloves really come off at the end when SVP calls out Buck for being rich, Buck tells SVP he thought he wanted ratings and SVP re-affirms that it is his show. It's all very weird and seemingly out of nowhere. They even had this pleasant and self-deprecating  twitter exchange in early November:

Maybe this is all some sort of joke between the two guys? Buck has always been someone who seems to want to be this edgy comic but then finds himself in too deep. If you haven't seen this, Buck tried to host a late night HBO talk show called Joe Buck Live in 2009. He made the (greatest) mistake and had Artie Lange as a guest on his first show. (NSFW)

Artie was right. It never made it to episode four. It was cancelled after just three.

I imagine both Buck and Van Pelt are going to downplay this beef if anyone asks. They would rather throw these jabs and play it off as guys just joshin' around. But I didn't believe that excuse when Jerry Sandusky used it and I wouldn't believe it here. There seems to be some genuine hate here and this should make post-games on Monday Night Football fun for awhile. Joe Buck is signed for four more seasons after this one.