There Is A Solid Chance The Titans And Jaguars Are Going To Screw Up A TON Of Fantasy Football Championships This Weekend Since Both Teams May Rest Players Until Week 18

Well this is not what you want to see if you are in your fantasy football championship game this week. Since Week 18 will be a winner take all game between the Jags and the Titans for the AFC South it doesn't make much sense for either team to play some of their big guys and risk injury for that week 18 matchup. Both teams want the division and will do whatever they can go get it, which means sitting perfectly healthy players which I'm sure the league is not thrilled about. 

Imagine having a RED HOT Trevor Lawrence and having to sit him because he's inactive, or Derrick Henry in the championship game and you can't play him, or Travis Etienne in your RB1 spot and you can't play him? This is every fantasy owner's nightmare.


The Titans did something similar a few years ago were late in the season they sat Derrick Henry vs the Saints because it had no chance of messing with their final standings outcome. This would be a disaster situation if it happened if you have any of those guys in your fantasy lineup. And I know, no one gives a shit about fantasy. I do, I care about fantasy football. I care about my team, I care about your team, I want to see everyone's team. There is a ton of money on the line here and these guys possibly sitting out can change all that. 

Now these guys are dogs. They want to play this week, but in the end it's about the big goal. It's about getting that playoff spot. I pray for anyone who has made a late season run on the back of Trevor Lawerence who now has to scramble to pick up Mike White or someone like that. Somewhere you've got a buddy who has Henry AND Etienne in his fantasy backfield and now he's trying to pick up Chubba Hubbard (I think it's Hubbard?) and trying to get Cam Akers again. This could be a nightmare for a lot of people.