The Broncos Have Fired Nathaniel Hackett With Two Games Remaining In His First Season As Head Coach, Which Was Probably Still Too Long

Look at the Broncos getting ahead of things by choosing not to wait til Black Monday or even 2023 to get rid of Nathaniel Hackett. Granted if you even casually followed the NFL, you knew that Nathaniel Hackett was probably not going to be long for the head coaching role considering Pulling A Hackett was already becoming a verb for fucking up basic football strategy in his first regular season game, which almost killed Broncos legend Peyton Manning.

Hackett then followed that up with a mea culpa by saying he was wrong then completely butchering the reason why he was wrong.

Followed by an entire season worth of hell that culminated with Patrick Star roasting Hackett's QB and Broncos players arguing on the sideline in a 51-14 beatdown by the 5-10 Rams. On Christmas no less!

Speaking of that QB, it is interesting to think what could've happened if Aaron Rodgers got traded to Denver like everyone thought would happen after they hired his offensive coordinator as head coach instead of Russell Wilson considering he won back-to-back MVPs with Hackett. Instead Broncos Country is riding with Mr. Unliiiiiiiiimited for the foreseeable future.

The one bright side in all this for Broncos fans other than not having to scream at their TV every time a guy named Nathaniel fucks up is I'm pretty sure their team's new owner not only won't mind paying the salaries of multiple coaches next year but probably has enough money to hire whoever he wants or even clone Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Sean McVay, HC of NEP, or any other person to fill the vacancy Hackett's firing just opened.

I cannot stress enough how much I love that clip along with the advance statistics that are already coming out of the Hackett Era in Denver.